Why does the J-League club work consistently

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Ever since many Thai players went to play in the J-League, many Thai people turned to follow Japanese football more. And what we’ve seen over the years is “Why does the J-League have such intense and unpredictable competition each week?”

It is said that this is a league that is played on a year-to-year basis. win match-by-match There was no monopoly and clearly became the superpower of the League… Why is that?

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Start with a level, gradually counting steps

In order to start doing something with a bright and beautiful return, it is imperative that you carefully plan and innovate each step well and meet what you have the best.

Japanese football There are many difficult times. Because football is not the number one popular sport like many other countries, Japanese people are mainly baseball. 

When Japan started playing soccer in the 1920s, it was less popular. It has become a niche sport with only a handful of people playing. Until the real development began when Japan was about to host the 1964 Olympics.

At that time, a senior official from the Japan Football Association (JFA) flew over the sea to Germany. To study and collect information on building a football development system in Japan And most importantly, they also invited Detmar Cramer, the German coach. came to be a technical advisor of the association as well

Cramer isn’t just here to help coach the players. He also played an important role in laying the foundations for the development of Japanese football. He proposed to the JFA to establish a system for coaching and improving referee quality. including being the initiator for Japanese people to switch from playing clay courts to lawns because before The soccer playing environment of Japanese soccer players is very bad. to the point that there is not even a field for the national team to practice 

But most importantly, Cramer was the one who proposed the JFA to start a professional league. What followed was an improvement in national performance. Japan became the first country in Asia to win an Olympic medal (bronze) in 1968, but with the end of the “football boom” the country’s league games arose.