“three PSG players” celebrating a party before the Rennes defeat

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Is it the cause?! Perfume media reveals pictures of “three PSG players” celebrating a party before the Rennes defeat. Became a result that must be said to be quite incredible when Paris Saint – Germain. The French Ligue 1 giants

suffered a 2-0 defeat to Rennes, the 14th-placed team in the table at Roisson Park on Sunday, October 3. from the capital In spite of the fact that before they continued to attack the opponent. They have been winning consecutive games since the opening of the season. 8 games in a row, which can be call up to 24 points quickly. Plus, in this game, they also made a record of not hitting the target even once.

However, the defeat in the game led to the issue after pictures of three of the team’s players, led by Neymar, Marco Verratti and Kylian Mbappe, traveled along. A birthday party for Cindy Bruna, a famous French model. last friday night

In addition, many media outlets also reported the same way. The three players partyed up all night at the posh Trattoria restaurant in central Paris. With seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton also being invite to attend.

There are also reports that Lionel Messi, the Argentine national team striker. Who recently move to live in Paris. After signing for PSG, PSG were also invite to the party, but the 34-year-old refuse to attend. Citing other matters. That had to be done first.

For this the club Paris Saint – Germain. Did not come out to comment in any way. Because it is consider a personal matter for the players themselves to take care of themselves in addition to training time. And it’s a matter of personal discipline to focus on the physical condition before the competition. But believe that fans of the team. Who know the news will certainly be dissatisfy.