PSG misses form, attacking Rennes 2-0

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Competition Football French Ligue match between Rennes team ranked 14th with PSG Paris Saint – Germain team brought the crowd at the Aotearoa Zong Park on Sunday, October 3, 2564

To start the game, the defenders win the game pressure. Immediately And almost in the 21st minute, Camaldine Sulemana dragged from the right side of the line, cut in and then spun with the left ball to curve off the far post, able to win

the 23rd minute, the visiting team had the same win from The blocking stroke of the home defense line The ball bounced into Neymar’s direction, pressed with full right. But glide over the beam after

the 31st minute, PSG should have been the most leading goal. From a free-kick from a distance of more than 25 yards, Lionel Messi elaborately spins with the left ball to curve over the wall before hitting the crossbar.

last minute of the first half The home team went up, Kamaldine Suleimana opened the ball into the penalty area to reach the second post, Gaetan Laborde ran up to hit the right with the net without remaining Rennes to lead 1-0. Ready for the first half with this score

Came back to play in the second half just a minute. The host went immediately. Flavien Tet got the ball on the right side before opening into the penalty area. Gaetan Laborgd ran and pressed with the right side of the net. Rennes escaped 2-0.