Mongolia, the first team football is not outstanding. But why is he the regular host of youth football?

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Under the 23-year war elephants to fly qualifying soccer Youth Asian Championship U-23 version of Mongolia. This was quite a mess…

Different diet, negative weather including a difficult journey until having to hire a charter plane to land in the middle of the valley and coordinate with the Mongolian ambassador. This would make many people think. Why do we have to play football in Mongolia? Even though he is not the superpower of the football world ? But the truth is, Mongolia has hosted all of the Asian Youth Championships… strange isn’t it? Why is that? 

Main Stand will lead you to find the answer. that reflects the overall development of football in Asia

Youth football host

If readers try to take a minute. To remember the success of the Mongolian national football team I believe that no one would figure it out. Because the country did not send a football team to compete in a single international tournament from the 1960s until 1998.

A nearly four-decade hiatus from football has left Mongolian football far behind the leading nations in Asia. They have therefore never competed in major tournaments such as the World Cup , Asian Cup, or even the smaller Asian Cup. Such as the AFC Challenge Cup. Which was held in 2006-14. never participated in the competition, not even once

When the big football set is gone So all hopes of Mongolian football go to the youth team. But the performance of the young Mongolian footballer was equally bad. Be it U-23, U-19 or U-16, no Mongolian player has ever made it to the Asian Football Championships.

It’s no less surprising. The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) is trying to push Mongolia to take on the role of hosting the Asian Youth Football Championship qualifiers. Even though this country has never compete in the final Combine with the difficult journey including the poor economic condition of the country. So it begs the question, why is the AFC trying to push Mongolia so much?

To raise the level of Asian football 

Distribution of the role of hosting football matches in countries that are not successful in the football world. It is not new to the eyes of the world in any way. Because since 2010, the International Football Federation or FIFA has decided to choose Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup. Even though it has never passed the World Cup final.

The main theme that FIFA is pushing and is a policy passed on to the AFC is “providing small nations the opportunity to play the role of hosting football matches” . Distributing the arena to smaller nations would have a better effect than monopoly on organizing football matches with large nations alone.

The changes that are evident here can be compared with what has happened to Thailand and ASEAN countries. If we go back to the qualifiers for the 2013 AFC U-23 Championship, the hosts that support the East Asian qualifiers are Indonesia, Lao PDR and Myanmar, which are all behind the country. asian football.