Mark Clattenburg analyzed the 1-1 draw

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Mark Clattenburg, a former English Premier League referee, analyzed the 1-1 draw problem in Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Newcastle United yesterday at the discretion of the Premier League. A black shirt on the field that doesn’t stop the game even if a player holds his head in injury in the radius of play.

There is criticism from the manager . The team Eddie Howe Asst . Teams ‘ Magpies ‘ said Mike Dean, the referee in the game, do not leave the race progresses and the Isaac Hayes Garden Players. He suffered a head injury during a strike on the six-yard box. 

But the ‘Reds’ continued to bow down to play. Until the goal of Diogo Jota’s equalizer 1-1, when trying to ask for an explanation during the VAR validation Mr. Dean confirmed that it was a legal child. 

leading to further explanations by Clattenburg that there is no rule stating that the referee must stop the ufabet game immediately if a player has a head injury At the moment that he is the defender in front of the door

” It is not specified in the law which says that Mike Dean had blown to stop play because Isaac Hayes Garden down the floor because of a sore head ” Clacton Wittenberg แe fresh perspective.  

“ If it happens in normal training The referee would stop the game for such an injury. So you can understand why Newcastle were upset that the rhythm continued. Led to the equalizer 1-1 side Liverpool . ” 

“ But seriously, Pauline just let the attacking team play the rhythm of possession of the ball. Face that can score goals as well. ”

” The New Castle ‘s disappointing , but what they want is not specified in the rules. It is up to the judges discretion. ” 

Incidentally , Mike Dean’s performance at Anfield yesterday was overwhelming. Besides the 1-1 , also had a 3-1 run to screen diagonal Jon Jo Michael McGreevey