Jurgen Klopp said at a press conference ahead of Arsenal meeting

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said at a press conference ahead of Arsenal meeting (Nov 20) that midfielder Jordan Henderson’s final fitness will have to be tested. Harrison and left-back Andrew Robertson will be fit for the big game against Arsenal in the next 24 hours.

Henderson ( groin ) and Robertson ( knee musculature ) came off the English and Scottish national teams last season, respectively.  

Until Friday’s training session at the AXA Training Center, the 54- year- old boss still cannot answer. Whether the pair will be fit in time or not.  

“ The ‘ Hendo ‘ and ‘ Robbo ‘ haven’t trained with the team yet. They are in the process of rehabilitation / physical almost and I decided to take the job , ” Jurgen Klopp open mouth that wanted to race. Even according to normal working principles, players must complete at least two full training sessions.  

The San Bernardino Phi ( chest ) with FAA flight Correia ( fatigue from the trip ) and Mr. ‘ JK ‘ said the win over the pitch.  

“ Sadio looks good , Fabinho reports back later than the villagers are in for a rehabilitation meal. Hopefully that guy will be able to train with the team this Friday – that’s the plan. ” 

While the injury has not recovered Nabeel Great Italiana ( thigh ), James Milner ( thigh ), K Curtis Jones ( eye ) and Joe Gomez ( calf ).

“ Curtis has to look at it day – to – day , Harvey Elliott has been doing well to recover but it will be a long time from now until he gets it. Starting again , Joe Gomez is doing well , ‘ Bobby ‘ is doing well, but time is needed. ” 

Other long shin splints are Elliott ( fractured ankle rehabilitation ) and Roberto Firmino ( post-knee musculature ).