Crouch has pointed to Manchester United’s only blind spot in this team

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Peter Crouch, former England striker who has now turned into a game analyst and columnist for Mail Online, a well-known media Has expressed views on the strength of Manchester United this season

By the 40-year-old former England striker pointed out that the strength of “Red Devils Army” is considered to be excellent continuously. But there is still one point that still needs to be solved. And obviously it is still a blind spot for the ufabet team at this time.

“Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has developed this team well. until it seems that they are enjoying it more. It started talking about winning the league. They have improved a lot since the Norwegian manager took over.

“Plus, having Cristiano Ronaldo in the team gives us a better chance of winning the title, but looking at it clearly, I think they are. He’s still missing something. The team also needs a midfielder who can connect the game. A great team needs a game-changing defensive midfielder.”

“When I was playing for Liverpool, we had a defensive midfielder who could attack like Xabi Alonso, it was perfect. It made me think that if the United spent grab Declan Rice or Calgary Winter Phillip, they will become a strong team, how “

” That is why now many people are still not sure, man. United will be able to return to claim greatness. Just because the lack of a central midfielder who can be trusted. Let’s see at the end of the season,” Peter Crouch wrote in his own column in Mail Online.