Brazilian police charge Costa

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Diego Costa Work hard! Brazilian police charge Diego Costa and seize 81 million baht in cash. The movement of Diego Costa, the 33-year-old center forward, former Chelsea and Atletico Madrid player. Who is currently playing for Atletico Mi. Nero,

The latest Brazilian league team, the hottest footballer. Who has been rumor to be the Samba police. Prosecuted for alleged involvement in money laundering and is involve in football betting websites

According to the news Police in the state of Sergipe in Brazil have found evidence of a football player involved in money laundering at a gambling site. Including evidence that involve falling down. The ball as well as hiring professional colleagues to knock down the ball. Which is involve in large underground networks. Both domestically and internationally.

The officers seized documents and electronic equipment. Including cash of 13,129,217 Brazilian real. Or about 1.77 million pounds, about 81 million baht. From a footballer. But several Brazilian media outlets have report that the is Diego Costa.

For Diego Costa was born in Brazil. The Brazilian authorities pointed out that in the first phase of the operation, which took place in March 2021, documents and computer equipment were seized,  it possible to investigat