“Baby Goal” threatened Klopp with just 2-0 in the second leg, be careful of work

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has been warned by BT Sport analyst Michael Owen not to be discouraged from playing in the Champions League semi-final second leg away to Villarre. Al (May 3) because the score that won before 2-0 may not be enough If it is. He will successfully add the third seed before gradually replacing

Klopp gradually replaced the bench after 70 minutes. When he was just two tablets leading. with a game image that creates opportunities to keep doing However, at the end of the ufabet game , the ‘ Yellow Submarine ‘ created enough pressure to win a free-kick.  

As a result, ‘ Baby Goal ‘ is concern instead of ‘ Reds ‘ when visiting Estadio de la Celamica in the middle of next week if the pressure atmosphere of Villarreal fans cheering for fun. Get excited May work with a hanging tongue  

“ I think your substitution was almost like no goals added, ” said former Ballon d’Or striker Owen .

“ Joe Gomez replaced Trent Alexander – Arnold to focus more on defense. That means you take out the players who are the most creative offensively on the pitch. ” 

” Personally, I think that just two balls are not floating , but Klopp chooses the comfort of resting players for the next league game and the second leg of the Champions League . “

“ It must be exhausting again when visiting because Liverpool know that the game is not lacking. There is still something going on. If the ‘ Reds ‘ concede first, the game will be more lively – but if last night plus add three goals, sleep well. ” 

Another critic , Peter Crouch , thinks his former club should be able to score 3, 4 before pulling off the accelerator.  

“ I think he should get the three balls before the game ends. Because it’s so far away that it’s difficult for Villarreal to come back. ” 

” Two goals still have a chance to turn the situation around. Even if the chances are slim – very few considering Liverpool ‘s performance at the moment. ” 

Numbers never lie. Liverpool in the first 55 minutes led 2-0 , creating a shot every 3.9 minutes. While the last 35 minutes withdrawing, creating an average shot every 7 minutes.