Atletico Madrid beat Barcelona 2-0

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Competitive Soccer Spanish La Liga match between “Bear” Atletico Madrid home meet, “Luke Azul Barcelona,” Barcelona at the Santa Mesa Castro Napoli Romano. On Saturday night, October 2, 2021, the

game opened for 10 minutes. The hosts had a chance to win from the moment Tomar Lemar bounced against Marcos Llorente before having a chance to shoot from the left in front of the penalty area. Slashed the first post a little bit. In

the 20th minute, the visiting team was almost the same. Sergio Busquets passed the ball through the channel for Filipe Coutinho to slip into the penalty area, but Jan Oblak read the game without running. Came out to block the rhythm shot in

the 24th minute, “Bear seal” continued the game, Joao Felix turned over to pay Luis Suarez to flow as soon as Thomas Lemar fell into the penalty area before compressing. With the left side, Ter Stegen plugs into the triangle, Atletico Madrid lead 1-0.

In the 27th minute, “Azul Grana” almost equalized the goal of Memphis Depay opened into the penalty area, Jose Chimenez headed into the direction of Filipe Coutinho, hitting the ball on the right side. Koi went a little behind in

the 44th minute, the host quickly turned back, Tomar Lemar competed with Joao Felix before falling off the left side of the line to open the second post for Luis Suarez to catch the ball down. Then pressed through the Ter Stegen netting Atletico Madrid escaped 2-0
and finished the first half with this score.