Allegri unhappy with his team’s distraction

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Juventus head coach Max Allegri remains unsatisfied with his players, especially their concentration in the ufabet game despite their recent win.

Juventus beat Udinese 2-0 in Serie A on Saturday. As a result, the Bianconeri now score with Atalanta, the fourth-placed team, but played two more games than their opponents. 

“We were mentally and tactically conscious of playing 120 minutes on Wednesday (the Super Cup game against Inter Milan), but tonight there was a rhythm when we left the game,” Allegri told S. Guy Sport Italia

“That’s not right. We must concentrate at all times. Especially when there aren’t enough fans in the stadium to push us. Because we took a huge risk in 10 minutes.”

Asked about Paulo Dybala’s reaction after the match, the Argentinian forward refused to express his delight after scoring his first goal of the game. Instead, he turned to the stands and turned his gaze to the seats of the Bianconeri board. The players responded to the media saying they were looking for friends who invited them to watch the game.

“There was no one in the stands. Who is he looking for? He was imagining that it was filled with people. it’s a good door Keane’s quick pass, then he went between the lines and moved the ball. That allows the team to breathe. He was great at those moments.”